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Kissimmee AC and Air Conditioning Experts

Welcome To Anchor Air Conditioning!

Has Your Heating And Cooling System Had Its Regular Check Up?

Air Conditioning manufacturers and utility companies recommend having your heating system inspected in Fall before the cold weather arrives, and your cooling system inspected in the Spring to prepare for the heat of the summer. For this reason, Anchor Air Conditioning and AC Repair in Kissimmee, FL has developed a 20-point Super Tune Up Service that helps extend the life of your heating and cooling system, reduce monthly utility costs and prevents unexpected costly breakdowns.

Service And Repair

The service department at Anchor Air Conditioning and AC Repair in Kissimmee, FL. wants you to know that you and your family are in the very best hands.  Our fully stocked vehicles offer Fast, 24 hour Emergency Repair Service. We have a 1 Hour response time so that you don't go without A/C or Heat for long. Our Technicians provide great Customer Service and share their knowledge with you so that you understand how your System can operate at its highest efficiency. 

Knowledge Is Power And Cash Is King!

When you purchase a New Air Conditioner for your home, knowing what your Family requires from your new system is equally important as how your home matches the system installed. We will provide a Load Calculation of your home to ensure that you are getting the right system to meet your needs. Cash is King and we want to help keep cash in your pocket. Because of our small size and low overhead, we provide the best Air Conditioner install rates in the area. We provide Free new system Estimates and Free 2nd opinions so that you can make an informed decision for your purchase. 

Note: $1,500 Federal Tax Rebates are still available until Dec. 31, 2010.

Are You Concerned With The Air You Breathe In Your Home?

Clean air is precious. It should be fresh, clean-smelling and without harmful pollutants. We spend more than half our lives inside our home where the air may not be suitable to breathe. In fact, Indoor Air is known to be more polluted and harmful for you and your family than outdoor air. We can test the air in your home and any signs of mold in your Duct System and get a full report of the organism types from the laboratory. Find out how we can improve your Indoor Air Quality with the use of Filtration Systems and the Technology of Ultra Violet U/V Lighting.  



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